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______The Outsider

This was a group project. The brief was to interview an outsider and design a listening/reading experience that combines sound, image and text to tell a story that challenges mainstream thinking.
After lots of idea generating, we decided that we were going to challenge the brief in some ways. Rather than just have one outsider, we would choose 5. These people are all from Connor’s friendship group but come from abroad so could be perceived as ‘outsiders’ in the Sheffield community. We needed to ask ourselves a few questions:
Why are they outsiders?
What makes them feel like outsiders?
We decided to choose five people instead of one because we feel they would be more comfortable talking about their experiences as part of a group, and as they all have a common thread it makes it more of an interesting interview. Our outsiders:
1. Parth Arora - he originally comes from India but has lived in Germany and now England.
2. NasarulFikri Ghazali (Fikri) - Originated from Malaysia but now lives in England.
3. Napat Natvaratat (Nammont) - originally from Thailand, now lives in England.
4. Hassan Kermasha - Originally from Iraq, then lived in Sweden now lives in the UK.
4. Nattadom Kangpissadarn (Klong) - originally from Thailand now lives in England.
These people could all be classed as ‘outsiders’ as they do not originally come from the UK. We would like to interview them as a group - more of an informal chat to understand their experiences they’ve had in Sheffield due to being outsiders. Sadly often people display acts that are rude and aggressive.