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______Brief Briefs:

                                            /Speculative Posters: Auto Destructive Art Instillation

                                            /Macro and Micro Typography - Two Day Workshop

                                            /Typesetting Bodies of Text - Two Day Workshop

Brief Briefs was a series of ‘thinking by making’ small projects running over Semester 1 and Semester 2. It was split into two sections; Speculative Posters and Macro/Micro Typography workshops. It was a fun way to generate content quickly, through making. I soon learnt this method was something I really enjoyed and worked well for me as a practitioner/designer.

/Speculative Poster: Auto-Destructive Art Instillation

For this project we had to produce a poster for the Auto-Destructive Art Exhibition at the Tate Britain. Using the context of the exhibition as my starting point I wanted to challenge the conventions of a poster and be experimental with materials. I produced the poster made from balloons. The idea was that over time the balloons would de-construct themselves by deflating.

Deflation of auto-destructive un-conventional poster︎

/Macro and Micro Typography – Two-Day Workshop

This was a very useful two-day workshop as I developed a deeper understanding of grids, kerning, specific typeface choice and hierarchy of text. I also learnt more about hyphenation, en/em dashes, a better understanding of readability and the importance of line length and number of characters on a line. On the first day of the workshop we took time to give constructive feedback to the others in the session. It was great to explore how components of our poster interacted with different elements on the page. Becoming a component of a poster was a fun way to really help understand this idea. As a result of this two-day typographic workshop, I have a much better understanding of typography. I will now make use of the shortcuts I learnt, I will be more aware of the specific details of my writing and more generally my typographic choices in regard to my design. I will be much more aware of micro elements in my writing.

Day 1︎                                                                Day 2︎

/Typesetting Bodies of Text - Two Day Workshop

This two day workshop explored focused on the art of typesetting and dealing with bodies of text. The content was based on AIGA Designer asking what a graphic designer and their job will look like in the future (2025). By undertaking this two-day project, we designed a small text-driven publication (13 pages). We collectively learnt more about macro typographic elements: paragraphs, grids, baseline grids, margins, hierarchies of information, page furniture, typographic texture. And micro typographic elements: alignment, (including how to set justified text), leading, line endings, widows and orphans.

This was a brilliant opportunity to build upon my typography skills from focusing on typesetting and creating legibility of a large body of text which included headings, subheadings and lists. It was great to gather feedback from peers when we took part in the constructive feedback session at the end of the two days. Use of a larger typeface, in contrast with a smaller one reflected how design is continuously changing and never stands still. I learnt how to justify type, how to indicate new paragraphs to create an engaging and ease of navigation for the reader and how to effectively use pull quotes and fix hanging punctuation.

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Davies, M. (2017) AIGA DESIGNER 2025 Accessed at https://educators.aiga.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/DESIGNER-2025-SUMMARY.pdf

Typesetting Bodies of Text - Two Day Workshop︎

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